feel better. live better.naturally.

CBD made from
Orange Peels.
No Hemp.
No THC. Ever.

welcome to a new kind of cbd

Meet your New main Squeeze!

Peels is a revolutionary CBD made from Orange Peels. Offering the highest quality, lowest risk cannabinoid product on the market.

  • 100% Bio-Identical CBD
  • The exact same molecule, every time
  • Not hemp or cannabis-based
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CBD Made From Oranges...
Yes, Oranges!

Finally a CBD that is worry - free and not made with Hemp.

  • Made from Orange Peels
  • 100% THC-Free
  • Unrivaled Purity & Taste
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Our Founder

Peels was born because I believe everyone deserves to feel and perform their best, every day. But the pursuit of doing so should not include risky solutions. Peels is CBD without the worry - supremely pure and safe. Guaranteed THC-free and hemp-free.

Chris Hetherington, Founder & CEO
11-Year NFL Veteran
Yale Graduate