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10 Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him

10 Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him

Tired of the many t-shirts, money clips, and wall art to gift your hubby? There are plenty of occasions where it’s traditional to give your significant other a gift. When you’ve already used up all of your incredible wedding anniversary gift ideas, what do you do?

Sometimes, the best gift guide is made up of practical things people didn’t know they needed. If you’re shopping for the perfect anniversary gift for him, we have plenty of great suggestions. Let’s discuss how to say “I love you” with these ten anniversary gifts for him.

1. Fancy Sunglasses

Everyone needs a good pair of sunglasses. It’s hard to drive with the sun in your eyes, and enjoying a day outdoors is significantly less fun when you’re walking around with a permanent squint.

If your partner isn’t a big spender, he probably doesn’t have a great pair of sunglasses. He’ll grab a cheap pair from the gas station when the need strikes. If you’re searching for the perfect anniversary gift, why not upgrade his favorite pair by swapping it for something a little more upscale?

If you’re not sure where to start, look at his favorite pair of sunglasses. If you find a similar pair made by a designer brand, it’s hard to mess that one up. You’ll already know he likes the style. All you’re doing is exchanging his budget version for a better version keepsake.

2. Powerful Headphones

If your significant other listens to music or plays video games, one of the best anniversary gifts you can give him is a pair of over-the-ear enclosure headphones. This is especially helpful if you aren’t fond of the loud music or gaming noises that usually emanate from his space.

He’ll be able to hear the nuances of every sound and concentrate on what he’s doing, and you’ll get a little peace and quiet.

Headphones for gamers and headphones for music enthusiasts are slightly different, but there are high-quality headphones that work perfectly for both purposes. If possible, buy the headphones in person at an electronics store that will let you test the floor model. Plugin your phone, play his favorite song in a few different pairs, and choose the pair that makes the music sound best.

3. A Skincare Regimen

Most men enjoy being pampered. They just don’t know how to express it. Men want to have smooth, healthy skin just as women do. When the majority of skincare products are marketed toward women, it’s not easy for men to figure out where to start. That’s where you come in.

You likely know your significant other’s skin type based on observation.

Grab a three-piece skincare regimen for the special guy in your life. Choose products that are targeted to his most apparent skincare concerns. Sometimes, you’ll be able to find a set with a cleanser, serum, and moisturizer. If you can’t find a set, you can always buy each piece individually. Just make sure all three products are from the same brand and line. You know they’ll be designed to work together.

You might score some bonus points if you teach him how to use his skincare products. If he already understands how straightforward the regimen is, gain your bonus points by complimenting his healthier skin after completing his skincare regimen.

Make sure he knows that consistency (using the products twice a day for a long time) is the perfect way to experience the results.

4. Great Sneakers

Shoes have an expiration date. Eventually, everyone will need a new pair. A well-loved pair of sneakers will usually last about a year. If you know your significant other is overdue for a pair, have their back and splurge on some great sneakers that are built to last.

Some men are serious sneaker collectors. Sneaker culture can be a little hard to follow if you aren’t in the loop. If the man you’re buying a gift for already has a closet full, it may not be a good idea to bring more sneakers home. If you’re not immersed in sneaker culture, it can be challenging to figure out what he already has and how it differs from what he doesn’t.

If your significant other only has a couple of pairs of sneakers, they’ll definitely appreciate a nice pair. If they have an athletic hobby, like running or weightlifting, you can choose shoes designed for their hobby. If they don’t, you can select a pair of sneakers that match most of their clothes and style.

5. Satisfy His Coffee Fix

Many busy people grab a coffee on the go because it feels less intimidating to spend $5 on a cup of coffee than it does to spend hundreds on a stainless steel espresso machine. Over time, investing in a great coffee maker will save a ton of money. It’s just working up the will (or saving up the cash) to make that big investment.

Consider getting him an at-home coffee bar if you have a big budget for your anniversary gift. An espresso machine, a grinder, a bag of high-end espresso beans, his favorite milk (or milk substitute), and a couple of syrups in flavors that he likes will give him the freedom to make his own DIY lattes.

Buying the actual coffee and syrups, you need once you have the machine isn’t costly.

It’s also the start of a fun morning routine that allows some time to bond. One of you can make breakfast burritos while the other one whips up a couple of CBD lattes. You’ll have to flip a coin to see who gets stuck with the dishes. Just don’t forget your coffee mug to commemorate this special day!

6. Gift an Experience

Most people think of a great gift as something you can wrap with a bow and hand to someone. What do you give someone who already has a lot of stuff or doesn’t like to have a lot of material things? You provide them with an experience.

Experiences are all about being together and making memories. That’s what your thoughtful anniversary gift is supposed to be about. It’s a celebration of the remarkable relationship you two have worked so hard to build and share. Think of an experience as an investment in your relationship.

Make sure you choose something you both want to do. It’s important that you’re sharing a good time. If one is over the moon and the other is bored out of their mind, that may defeat the purpose of a bonding experience.

Plan a camping or hiking trip. Schedule cooking classes or martial arts classes that you can take together. Buy plane tickets for the getaway to the beach that you guys have been talking about for years.

If the budget is slim, plan a staycation. You can spend a day out at the botanical gardens and go out for lunch without draining your savings account. There’s always a way to spend time together. Enjoying great company is the most essential part of the experience.

7. A Reliable Bag

Make date night a quick getaway from your daily lives. If you notice that your significant other is constantly carrying armloads of stuff to work or the gym, you can make his life a little easier. Get him a reliable tote bag, duffel bag, or backpack he can use to keep himself organized.

If you’re overwhelmed by your options, take a common-sense approach when selecting a bag.

Does he go to the gym? Get him a gym bag. Does he like to hike or camp? A tall hiking backpack would work perfectly. Does he haul around a laptop and huge stacks of paper back and forth from work or college? A messenger bag is a great solution.

As long as you pick a sturdy bag in a neutral color, he’ll be able to use it every day. He’ll be thanking you in the back of his mind every time he has to load up his stuff and go somewhere.

8. New Tech

If he’s been eyeing a gadget for a while, he might be dropping you a hint about what he wants. If he wants a new phone, a fitness tracker watch, a VR headset, or a new game system, why not gift him with something they’d truly enjoy?

Since it is an anniversary present, it’s a good idea to plan how you guys can use the new tech together. A fitness tracker is a great excuse for you guys to sync up your schedules and start working out together. If you grab him a new game system or a VR headset, pick a multiplayer game or experience.

9. Make His Life Easier

People give and receive love in different ways. If your partner’s love language is an act of service, why not do something to make his life easier?

Think about the chore or task that takes up a lot of the time he’d rather spend doing something that makes him happy. If he cooks for the house, get a few months of a meal delivery service to simplify prep time and eliminate trips to the grocery store. If he runs to the bulk store to pick up all the dry goods (like toilet paper and cleaning supplies) every month, set them up for monthly auto-delivery. The chore will handle itself.

10. Give the Gift of Relaxation

We all deserve to chill out once in a while. CBD is a great way to naturally enhance your body’s ability to unwind and get some much-needed rest. CBD's holistic wellness support helps it serve as the perfect post-workout recovery supplement. It helps to promote better sleep without leaving you groggy the following day.

Enjoy Your Anniversary With Peels CBD

At Peels, we aim to bring you the highest quality CBD. Instead of cannabis we source our CBD directly from citrus peels.

Our THC-free CBD oil can be easily incorporated into you and your partner’s everyday routine. You can take it on a trip to help ease muscle tension, take it before bed to help calm the mind and improve sleep, or use it each morning to boost your mood.

Peels can help you enjoy the full-body wellness benefits without the risks of THC.


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