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3 Unique Benefits To CBD Massages

3 Unique Benefits To CBD Massages

Massage is a centuries-old holistic wellness practice. The benefits of massage to promote healing and wellness are broadly recognized. It isn’t a luxury pampering experience but a gentle way to provide the body with the support it needs to recover. 

CBD is a new player in the wellness game. Many people in the holistic wellness community have added CBD to their daily rituals. CBD works to support the mind and the body while relieving emotional and physical tension.

With their powers combined, the two become CBD massage. The newest trend in massage therapy combines two of the best wellness tools for people who need a little extra relief. Here’s what you need to know about the unique benefits of CBD massage.

What Is a CBD Massage?

A CBD massage isn’t a specific type of massage, as it can be whatever type of massage is most appropriate for your wellness concerns. Various massage practices, like deep tissue or Swedish massage, can become a CBD massage when incorporated into the routine.

Massage therapists use oils to lubricate the skin. The pressure and kneading motions of a massage can create friction against the skin, and massage oils prevent that friction from becoming painful. Throughout a massage, the therapist may momentarily stop to apply oil to areas as needed.

Usually, a massage therapist may use a neutral oil like sweet almond oil. In a CBD massage, that oil is swapped out for an oil that’s fortified with CBD. As your massage therapist performs the massage, they’re working the CBD-infused massage oil into your skin. 

How Do CBD Massages Work?

Well-performed massages work to ease tension and discomfort while promoting a better mood. As long as your massage therapist is a licensed professional that understands your concerns, the massage may help provide a sense of relief. 

The real question is whether or not the CBD actually does anything to enhance the experience.

Topical CBD products, like massage oils, can be a little tricky. To provide any relief for discomfort, CBD oil must be able to penetrate the skin and reach the layers beneath. In most cases, this isn’t possible. 

CBD particles are too large to penetrate the outer layer of skin, which prevents them from working beyond the surface.

Some CBD massage oils are made with hemp, where nanotechnology is used to make the particles extremely small. These particles have a much better chance of penetrating the skin and delivering the benefits you’re looking for. 

But before you schedule a CBD massage, ask your therapist what kind of CBD massage oil they’re using. If it’s nano CBD, you’re good to go. If it isn’t, you’re not likely to experience additional benefits from the inclusion of CBD. 

Why Is a CBD Massage Better Than a Regular Massage?

CBD massages work double duty. The massage itself works to alleviate discomfort, and CBD also works to help ease discomfort. 

In theory, you should feel more relief after a CBD massage than a traditional massage. The nano CBD oil acts like a turbo booster as the massage therapist works it into your skin. 

However, the effects of the CBD can kick in towards the end of an hour-long massage. In some cases, the results may kick after you get home. 

What Are the Benefits of Massage?

The benefits of CBD massage are intertwined with the help of traditional massage. To put it simply, the benefits of the massage itself are the first layer of the cake, with the CBD being the cherry on top. 

Enhance Mood

Massage causes the body to release endorphins, also known as feel-good chemicals. Pleasant human touch provokes a positive response from the brain. That’s why a hug from your best friend or loved one can help turn a bad day around. 

Your massage therapist’s healing touch can help put you at ease, causing your body to release the same endorphins it creates when you’re cuddling or embracing someone you care about. 

You’re likely to walk away from a massage with a deep sense of inner peace. You may also feel both physically and emotionally relaxed. After all, it’s easier to tackle life’s challenges when you feel less tense.

Help Promote Better Sleep 

The same endorphins that work to improve mood may also promote better sleep. You know how impossible it feels if you’ve ever tried to sleep with an anxious body and mind. In order to sleep, you need to be able to release all the tension you’re carrying and clear your mind. 

The release of serotonin can help your body transition from a state of alertness to a more relaxed state. After a massage, you’re also likely to sleep like a baby. Combine serotonin with CBD and melatonin, and you’ll probably feel like you’re melting right into your pillow. 

Boost Circulation

Circulation plays an essential part in the healing process. In order for muscles to heal, they need to receive oxygen and nutrients from your blood. They also need to be flushed out of lymphatic byproducts that contribute to swelling and discomfort. 

Massage stimulates the area by promoting circulation. The circulation draws away from the bad stuff and encourages good stuff to enter the affected muscle. This provides meaningful relief for sore muscles.

What Are the Unique Benefits of a CBD Massage?

Take all of the above benefits and toss in the benefits of CBD. You’ve got a match made in massage heaven, and there’s no way the experience can get any better. 

1. CBD Before a Massage Improves Your Relaxation

A massage is designed to help you relax. Applying CBD oil before your massage appointment can help the relaxation begin before you even lay down. When the tension leaves your body, it might even be easier for your massage therapist to work. 

2. Topical CBD Can Promote Skin Health

Topical CBD oil can help to support healing skin. If you have breakouts, eczema, or dehydrated skin, CBD can help. The endocannabinoid receptors in your skin get a little boost on the surface from topically applied CBD products. 

When they’re adequately supported, they can do a better job of facilitating the healing process.

3. Some Types of CBD Can Reduce Localized Discomfort

When your massage therapist uses the proper kind of CBD (such as nano CBD) during your massage, the benefits can extend beyond the skin. These topicals can reach the deeper layers of tissue and support your body in its quest to achieve homeostasis. 

While CBD won’t heal your injuries, it can act as your body’s best friend for support.

How To Maximize the Benefits of Your CBD Massage

CBD should be used consistently to produce the best effects. If you’re only getting one massage every month, you’re missing valuable opportunities to help soothe yourself. Using CBD every day can help you on your journey to achieve a well-balanced mind, body, and spirit. 

Keep in mind that it takes about 30 days of regular CBD use to experience the full wealth of benefits. You may experience some of the initial benefits of using CBD within an hour or so, but they’re only the tip of the iceberg. 

CBD needs to provide consistent support to your endocannabinoid system to make meaningful changes in the way you feel. That’s why it’s important to incorporate CBD into your daily wellness ritual. 

If you’re using CBD every day, your next CBD massage may be even better than your first. 

Peels Is CBD Without the THC

If you’re hesitant to incorporate products with THC into your daily wellness routine – we respect that. That’s why we made Peels. 

Peels is made from orange peels instead of hemp. We have a special scientific process of turning the aromatic terpenes in orange peels into bioidentical CBD. It works exactly like hemp-derived CBD, but it will absolutely never contain THC. 

Peels is fresh-squeezed CBD that everyone can feel good about using. So what are you waiting for? Squeeze some CBD into your morning ritual!



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