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How CBD Affects Muscle Recovery

How CBD Affects Muscle Recovery

Ever since the World Anti-Doping Agency created an exception for CBD on its list of prohibited substances, many athletes have come forward about their use of CBD. People who strive to make healthier choices often look to athletes for advice. 

After all, they’ve made a career out of making healthy choices and relentlessly pushing to achieve their goals. They’re worthy of respect, and they likely have a lot of helpful advice you can easily apply to your everyday life. 

Fitness is a journey. It’s not a single decision that changes your life, but a series of decisions you make every day that reflects your intention. Fitness is a ritual, and the wellness products you use to help you achieve those goals are a key part of that ritual. 

CBD can play an essential role in your wellness ritual. Before you begin using CBD, here’s what you should expect. 

Can CBD Negatively Impact a Workout?

CBD is associated with cannabis, and cannabis is mostly known for the sedating effects of THC. The idea of attempting to play a competitive sport under the influence of THC is almost absurd. It’s difficult to imagine running toward a soccer goal or skating towards a hockey net in a dreamy stupor. 

CBD and THC are fundamentally different. Although they’re commonly derived from the same source, they serve nearly opposing purposes. THC binds to cannabinoid receptors and produces euphoric feelings or sleepy side effects. 

CBD interacts with the same receptors and changes the way the body communicates with itself. While it will impact the way you feel, it won’t alter your faculties. 

CBD does not have a sedative effect. Although many people claim that CBD makes them feel calm or helps them get a more restful night’s sleep, it doesn’t produce those effects through a sedative function. 

Instead, it restores homeostasis to the body and eases physical and emotional tension that may be prohibiting a relaxed mood or making it more difficult to unwind at night. 

How CBD Can Boost a Workout

Think about the last time you tried to work out on an “off” day. Maybe you were stressed out about work or school. Maybe you felt like you didn’t have enough time to commit to your routine and your internal clock pressured you to rush through it. 

Your mindset and the way you feel will affect your workout. If you approach your training with a calm, clear head, you’ll feel more inclined to take your time and commit to your goals. A few deep breaths and a couple of drops of CBD may help you “center” yourself. 

Many athletes like to use CBD before competing. It’s not unusual for your nerves to get the better of you when you’re in a high-stakes situation. If you’re competing for a prize or special recognition, or if you’re competing against a formidable person or team, you may find yourself with cold feet or “the jitters” right before it’s go-time.

Your pre-workout or pre-competition ritual should be designed to help you calm down and focus. Many people find that CBD’s soothing benefits make it easier to approach essential tasks with a higher level of confidence. 

Take your CBD. Meditate, breathe deeply, use your favorite aromatherapy scents. Do whatever speaks to your soul when you need a chill moment of clarity.

Complete your entire pre-workout routine. Eat your favorite workout fuel, use your supplements, and do your warm-up. 

When you feel calm and focused, strive to meet your athletic goals. You might find a renewed sense of confidence when approaching your workout with a clear and level head. 

Can CBD Help to Promote Muscle Recovery?

CBD has been studied for its potential properties, with a special focus on its ability to soothe inflammation related to chronic autoimmune conditions like rheumatoid arthritis. 

While emerging research shows that CBD has promise in the anti-inflammatory arena, research has not yet ascertained that CBD works to ease inflammation that occurs in muscles following a workout. 

Even still, many people enjoy CBD post-workout for its calming, soothing effects. When you’re calm, the tension eases throughout your body. Any tension you may experience can exacerbate uncomfortable sensations associated with muscular inflammation or injury. CBD doesn’t work to directly address the cause of the discomfort, but it may help to minimize your perception of that discomfort. 

Additionally, CBD has been studied for its ability to promote better sleep

In a larger study, about 66% of participants reported improving their sleep after using CBD. Sleep is essential to overall well-being. Hydration, nutrition, and sleep are key components of a healthy ritual for athletes.

If you find that CBD makes it easier to fall asleep and stay asleep for seven to nine hours a night, it may be a valuable post-workout tool to help support your recovery. 

If you’re working with a trainer, nutritionist, or sports medicine doctor, take their recommendations for muscle recovery into account. They may recommend adding more protein into your diets or supplement electrolytes if you sweat substantially while you train. 

CBD is a part of that bigger picture - not a replacement for any of its components. Your body should work like a well-oiled machine, and addressing its needs holistically is key to superior recovery. 

When To Use CBD for Athletic Benefits

CBD is generally well-tolerated in large doses. Most studies find that up to 1,500 mg daily won’t produce any unwanted side effects. This is a lot of CBD. You only need a small fraction of that amount to experience the benefits. Theoretically, you could take CBD several times a day to enjoy a continuous stream of its benefits. 

Using CBD before a workout will help you mentally prepare for that workout. Adding CBD to your morning ritual will provide you with an increased sense of calmness. 

You might find that it’s easier to focus on learning new techniques or reaching new goals. You may even find that you’re less stressed and more patient when attempting an ambitious athletic undertaking. 

Using CBD after a workout can assist in your overall workout recovery. Use your CBD, chill out, and put your feet up for a bit. Have a nutritious dinner, hit the shower, and sleep well. You’ll be at ease and ready to train again tomorrow, provided you don’t wake up with any lingering muscle soreness.

Although CBD is useful in the recovery process, it can’t treat athletic injuries or adequately address inflammation. If you’re training very hard, it helps to work with a sports medicine doctor who can address your unique needs as you ascend to new heights. Your sports medicine doctor may encourage you to continue using CBD and suggest that you incorporate practices like massage therapy into your wellness ritual. 

Consistency Is Key

Adding CBD to your wellness ritual isn’t a one-and-done thing. You won’t reach your goals training one day a week, and you won’t experience the full potential of CBD’s benefits when you use it inconsistently.

You’ll notice some of CBD’s benefits within an hour of ingesting it, but to observe a substantial change in how you feel and train, you’ll need to use CBD consistently. It takes about 30 days of regular use for the total wealth of CBD’s benefits to become apparent. 

Over time, these benefits may change the way you approach your workouts. 


Peels created a CBD oil designed to meet every athlete’s standards. Athletes are prohibited from ingesting THC due to the WADA guidelines and the individual requirements of many sports leagues or teams. 

Almost all CBD products on the market are derived from hemp, which naturally contains trace amounts of THC. This isn’t a risk that most athletes or wellness-conscious people are comfortable taking. 

Peels created bioidentical CBD from orange peels. It interacts with your body the same way the CBD from hemp plants does, but without the potential risks associated with ingesting THC. 

Our CBD is safe, all-natural, and tested by a third-party lab to assure its purity and quality. We hold our CBD to a high standard because athletes hold themselves to high standards. 

Just put a few drops under your tongue and hold them. You’re 60 seconds away from soothing your soul, improving your sleep, bringing homeostasis to your body, and clearing your mind. Then, put your shoes on, hit the pavement, and train like you live for it. 

Add Peels to your training ritual



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