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Is CBD Effective for Energy and Focus?

Is CBD Effective for Energy and Focus?

The study of cannabidiol (CBD) has exponentially increased in recent years due to its non-psychotropic properties and multiple health benefits. Cannabidiol oils are derived from cannabis, but unlike its cousin marijuana, contains no intoxicating effects to the user. 

While there is still much research that needs to be conducted, currently there has been a positive correlation between using CBD as a wake-inducing drug. However, results differ from study to study, depending on the mode of administration and dosage. 

CBD has a wide variety of potential medical uses, proving to be a therapeutic aid to 

ease feelings of stress and tension, enhance sleep by relaxing the mind and body, and support overall wellness.

Peels is here to break down the potential benefits of regular CBD usage and its overall impact on creating and maintaining energy and focus throughout your busy day. 

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CBD and Focus

When it comes to daily energy and concentration, there are many factors to consider, such as: 

  • Chronic sleep conditions
  • Lack of sleep
  • Stress
  • Diet

While research on the effects of CBD on energy and focus is still limited, results do show a connection between CBD usage and wakefulness for many users. 

Smaller doses of CBD have led to feelings of increased wakefulness, while larger doses of CBD can have a sedative effect on the user. Indirectly, CBD can beneficially impact other factors that cause lack of sleep and lack of focus, therefore making it easier for you to go through your day, feeling bright-eyed and ready for anything.

CBD, Anxiety, and You 

Feelings of stress and tension are often described as intense, excessive, and persistent worrying and fearfulness about daily situations. The sensation of worrying affects the body physically, such as increased heart rate, rapid breathing, sweating, and intense feelings of fatigue are known to occur. 

With the sensory overload that anxiety brings upon the body, it may feel impossible to physically and mentally focus your energy on the tasks at hand. 

CBD has shown to ease feelings of stress and tension and reduce symptoms of various anxiety disorders, including Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD) to Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD).

By reducing the physical and cognitive negative effects of these conditions, CBD helps increase both concentration and energy buoyancy in the body and mind. 

In animal studies, the systemic administration of CBD showed a significant decrease in the neurons that are associated with fear. The direct infusion of CBD into the amygdala, which is the area of the brain that controls responses to things in your environment, resulted in lower results of behaviors related to anxiety. 

CBD has shown positive results in lessening nightmares symptoms without side effects. These results lead to more effective energy output, as well as focus. 

Peels CBD helps restore a daily sense of balance and calms the mind. 

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CBD and a Good Night’s Sleep 

When your body doesn’t get enough quality sleep, you will often feel a sense of tiredness and a distracting lack of focus the next day. 

Studies on the effects of CBD on sleep disorders have shown that regular and consistent usage over time can help ease tension found in certain sleep disorders, giving you a one-way ticket to a good night’s rest. 

However, it must be noted that CBD is not a cure-all. Every factor that impacts your daily energy and focus must be taken into consideration, as they all influence each other. 

For example, eating a nutritious and balanced diet, practicing regular exercise, and drinking water all also help your chances of a quality night’s rest, which in turn will lead to more energy and focus the next day. These efforts, combined with Peels CBD, can help boost one’s energy and focus. 

Through its beneficial effects, CBD usage leads to a better night’s sleep, which leads to better energy levels, which then results in an overall stronger ability to focus. 

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The Connection Between CBD, Mood, and Focus 

The chemical compounds of CBD interact with the brain’s receptors that are responsible for serotonin production, which is the body’s chemical that makes us feel happy. 

When you feel good, you are in a better mental and physical place -- not only to be alert but also to focus your energy specifically on the task at hand. 

This is a great example of the positive and indirect impact CBD has on your daily experience. Taking CBD reduces the levels of cortisol in the body, which is the stress hormone that causes stress and the feelings of being overwhelmed.

Reducing the body’s internal levels of stress improves a person’s ability to focus. Though there are limited official studies, there is a documented correlation between CBD intake and improving focus within individuals living with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). 

The calming effect CBD has on the mind allows for clearer and more linear mental processing. 

CBD has been proven to have the potential to provide both safe and therapeutic results for improving mood. By supporting overall wellness, Peels CBD is also improving the ability to effectively concentrate throughout the day. 

Pain and Inflammation vs. Energy and Focus 

Chronic conditions are another factor that can deeply affect a person’s daily energy and focus. 

Experiencing redness and swelling within the body is not only painful but an incredibly distracting experience as well. Pain demands and commands attention, diverting your brain and body from the ability to go throughout your day with comfortable ease. 

Chronic conditions can be as uncomfortable as they are distracting. CBD can help soothe tension in the joints and muscles. By calming the signs of discomfort, CBD allows the brain to refocus its energy. 

CBD helps regulate a variety of physiological functions in the body, such as: 

  • Motor skills
  • Pain perception
  • Cognitive function
  • Mood
  • Sleep
  • Appetite

CBD assists in keeping the body in homeostasis, which is an internal steadiness within all systems. The usage of CBD leads to relief from pain without the adverse effects of marijuana’s psychotropic properties.

CBD also contains excellent tolerability and low abuse potential. This means that the body can consume its properties while having a low potential for instilling addictive tendencies for its usage. 

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Peels CBD For Optimal Benefits 

Peels CBD is a bio-identical CBD made from orange peels. This means that our product is molecularly identical to CBD that is produced by a cannabis plant and also contains the same beneficial holistic effects. 

Made from terpenes in orange peels instead of hemp or cannabis, Peels offers the purest CBD products that are guaranteed to have zero THC content. It is also free from pesticides, heavy metals, mycotoxins, and bacteria, all of which are elements that are commonly contained in hemp and/or cannabis CBD products. 

Using Peels CBD on a regular basis will help lead to better sleep, uplift moods, positive energy, focus, and mental clarity. It can take one to two weeks to start seeing results, so consistent usage is essential to see the benefits. 

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Final Takeaway 

Research studies show that CBD has a positive and therapeutic effect on managing various ailments. 

CBD helps soothe aches and pains that disturb and distract from smooth mental and physical daily function. It also assists with easing stress and tension, allowing the brain to refocus and save valuable energy. 

These qualities, along with aiding a healthy night’s rest and diet, allows for lasting energy and focus throughout the day. 

Whether you are an athlete, a teacher, a first responder, or a stay-at-home parent -- Peels offers relief for all. We provide holistic access through CBD that has no association with hemp or cannabis, guaranteed to be THC-free for safe consumption. 


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