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The Science Derived From CBD And Orange Peels

The Science Derived From CBD And Orange Peels

Cannabidiol (CBD) oils are typically known as low tetrahydrocannabinol products derived from Cannabis Sativa that gained popularity over the last several years. 

Peels CBD Oil dares to be different, utilizing the equally effective Orange Peel in its formula to feel better and live better, naturally. You may be surprised when you first hear that the zesty, tangy orange fruit could produce the same calming effects as CBD derived from the cannabis plant. 

While there is still much more research on CBD that needs to be conducted, many published scientific journals explain that the terpenes -- natural compounds found in plants that give them their fragrance, taste, and have a variety of therapeutic effects -- of both cannabidiol and orange peel have the same molecular breakdown. This gives them both identical effects, but one without the adverse psychoactive effects. 

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How Does It Work?

Terpenes, also known as terpenoids, are the largest and most diverse group of naturally occurring compounds. They are mostly found in plants and form the main constituent of essential oils. 

The most common terpene sources include: 

  • Thyme
  • Tea tree
  • Cannabis
  • Spanish sage
  • Citrus fruits such as oranges, mandarins, and lemons

Terpenes have a wide variety of therapeutic uses and are commonly utilized in holistic and folk medicine. It offers a multitude of administration options and is known to suppress side effects from health treatments and procedures. Terpenes are responsible for the taste, fragrance, and pigment of plants. 

Peels CBD is completely free of THC. It is also free of pesticides, heavy metals, mycotoxins, and bacteria. 

In fact, our CBD is not created using any toxic solvents. We use a proprietary process called Cyclic Terpene Assembly that produces the pure, consistent, and stable CBD, which is free from THC, pesticides, and toxic impurities. 

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Breaking Down The Science

The Cyclic Terpene Assembly combines terpenes from orange peels with olivetol, which is an organic compound found in certain species of lichen. 

So what is lichen, exactly? 

Similar in appearance to moss, lichen is a plant-like organism that is produced from algae and fungus. It is also a precursor in various syntheses of tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. 

Our process melds terpenes from orange peels and olivetol together using a combination of heat and pressure. Next, the compounds undergo a delicate and minimal further processing with generalized recognized as safe (GRAS) solvents. 

This results in crystalline CBD, which upon examination, proved that it matches in purity and consistency with CBD derived from cannabis or hemp-derived material.

Third-party labs confirm our citrus-derived CBD as being 100% authentically identical to hemp or marijuana-based cannabidiol. 

Consumers who are justifiably concerned regarding THC levels in CBD, even low levels, will be able to use and enjoy Peels CBD oil without worry. 

By using a proprietary non-hemp, non-cannabis form of cannabidiol, users can completely bypass the legal stresses that accompany THC-infused CBD across the fifty states and around the world. 

The unique process ensures that there is zero THC content in our products. This means that everyone has access to the temporary discomfort relief, sleep aid, and soothing energy effects CBD provides without introducing even a low level of THC in their systems. 

The CBD oil derived from orange peels is both chemically and molecularly identical to CBD found in nature. This is also referred to as being “bio-identical.” This means that the body reacts to the compounds the same way.

However, the CBD oil that hails from orange peels comes with the benefit of being completely risk-free, unlike its cannabis and hemp counterparts. In this case, both versions refer to a cannabinoid that was created through a synthesis that is chemically and molecularly identical to the same cannabinoid that is found in a natural setting. 

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How Does The CBD oil Get Its Taste?

While you might think that the terpenes' aromatic and flavorful impact might carry over from the crystalized terpenes used to create, that is not the case! There are no musky or skunk-adjacent cannabis or help smells, either, as our product is not derived from either of those sources.

Our CBD crystals are completely flavorless and odorless in their raw and pure form. Due to this, Peels has an unparalleled aroma and taste because of thoughtfully added organic and natural citrus flavor and medium-chain triglyceride oil, which is derived from coconuts. 

Why Is This So Important? 

At Peels, we believe the beneficial and therapeutic effects of CBD should be accessible to everyone. By using CBD oil, you are alleviating not only discomfort but also the fear of failing a drug test if you are a first responder, an athlete, teacher, pilot, or recovering addict. 

We are making wellness and relief something that can be achieved by those who need it by being completely THC and hemp-free. Peels CBD is one of the first non-hemp, non-cannabis CBD products available on the market. If you are looking for a natural and holistic remedial treatment, look no further than Peels. 

There are several medical and therapeutic remedies that are derived from orange peel terpenes. Limonene, which is the name of the terpene that is derived from citrus, is the second most commonly found terpene in nature. It has been shown to produce antimalarial effects in scientific studies.

They are also widely acclaimed for their health benefits as well. It can be used as a wonderful chemopreventive drug. The exact reasons why are still shrouded in scientific mystery, but one thing is clear: citrus-derived CBD has multiple proven health benefits for the user that are similar to THC.

In today’s health care system, one of the biggest challenges we are currently facing is the opioid epidemic. Every day, people who are struggling with discomfort and injury turn to use opioid-based painkillers that then unwittingly inflict addiction and harm. Through both medical and nonmedical use, that is a huge reason why there has been such a recent uptick in interest in discovering and utilizing alternative treatment options for patients in need of relief. 

The availability of a product like Peels is hugely important for protecting the health and safety of its users. Users of the great-tasting Peels CBD will experience zero danger in terms of both THC intake and legality. 

The zero THC content makes this product legal across the country. This is also good news for traveling to places where even trace amounts of THC are illegal. 

In Conclusion 

By turning terpenes derived from orange peels into crystals, and then adding carefully balanced citrus terpenes to the mixture, Peels CBD is both fragrant, effusive, and effective. 

This is a way to achieve the effects of CBD without having any THC or hemp-based molecules in its formula. It is safe, natural, and a totally pure way to make your day bright and beautiful. 

Our purely citrus-derived molecular CBD is identical to the molecular compounds found in CBD derived from cannabis and hemp without any of the tetrahydrocannabinol and its accompanying effects. 

By using a proprietary scientific effect, our CBD oil is always THC and pesticide-free, keeping the health and wellness of the user as our top priority. We combine the organic molecules without altering their essence, making our product both simple and elevated. 

By harnessing the too often untapped potential of citrus orange peels, we are opening up a world where holistic relief is possible without any of the chemical compounds that contain psychoactive and negative effects. 

There is great promise in using Peels CBD oil to treat a myriad of chronic conditions and ailments. It also takes away any stress regarding assessing the quality and ethics of sourcing THC-infused substances. 


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