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The Sweet Spot

At Peels, we are unwavering in our commitment to provide the safest, purest, most effective CBD products on the market — accessible to anyone seeking a healthier, cleaner, and more consistent daily wellness ritual.

Born from a desire to innovate and do something different, we created CBD products made completely free from THC, hemp and cannabis, so that more people can access CBD's benefits safely and reliably.

Peels is worry-free CBD. Just the way it should be.

Created in Nature Perfected by Science

Peels CBD is uniquely pure, bio-identical CBD. Traditionally extracted from the hemp plant, the molecule is what gives CBD products their superpowers. We recreate that exact same molecular structure from the terpenes (the stuff that makes oranges smell nice) naturally present in citrus peels to make completely natural and 100% organic CBD. Nature goes in. Nature comes out. Science helps along the way.

Pure Till the Last Drop

Peels is the purest CBD on the planet. By creating bio-identical CBD derived from citrus, any and all contamination and variation common to hemp and cannabis-derived CBD is eliminated. No two bottles differ in purity or performance. You can count on our Clean Label Project Purity Award-Winning CBD to have what you need and more importantly, to not have what you don’t want.

Everyone deserves to feel
and perform their best, every day.

Peels was born because I believe everyone deserves to feel and perform their best, every day. But the pursuit of doing so should not include risky solutions. Peels is CBD without the worry - supremely pure and safe. Guaranteed THC-free and hemp-free.

Chris Hetherington, Founder & CEO
11-Year NFL Veteran