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Peels CBD Accessible to More People

Peels award-winning CBD is the purest, safest, certified CBD on the planet. Our gummies, oils, and immunity shots offer all the benefits of CBD, without any trace of THC.

Peels CBD helps with Pain, Inflammation & Sleep

Our goal is to help you feel the way you feel on your best day, every day. Using Peels daily can support managing pain, inflammation, anxiety, and sleeplessness better than traditional medications.

Upcycled Oranges for a Brighter Future

Peels uses upcycled orange peels (discarded from international juice brands) to create a bio-identical CBD molecule.

Peels Turns Oranges into CBD

Using the terpenes from orange peels and our proprietary process we create a bio-identical CBD molecule to hemp-derived CBD that has the same effects and benefits in the body, but without the impurities associated with cannabis or hemp.

Welcome to a New Kind of CBD

Get the Sleep of Your Dreams

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Tastes like an Orange Creamsicle