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Can CBD Oil Expire?

Can CBD Oil Expire?

CBD oil is derived from the hemp plant and designed to last a long time, but just how long depends on various factors. Everything from the ingredients in the bottle, to the packaging, to how to use CBD, can impact its longevity. If you’ve had a bottle of CBD sitting around for a while, here’s how to tell if it’s still good.

How Long Does CBD Oil Last?

CBD usually lasts between 1 and 2 years. There should be an expiration date printed somewhere on the packaging. As with most things, CBD can go bad before the expiration date if contaminated or stored improperly. It can also slightly outlast its expiration date if it’s been perfectly stored, especially if its seal has never been broken.

How To Tell When CBD Is Bad

Even if the expiration date is far away, you should periodically check your CBD oil to ensure it’s safe to use and that it hasn’t been contaminated. If you use your CBD daily, it will be easy to notice changes in the oil. If you use it sporadically, you should always check it before you use it.

Pull up a full dropper of the oil and look at it under the light. It should be clear and the same color as it was when you bought it. If it’s dark, cloudy, or has anything floating in it, your CBD may be spoiled or contaminated.

You should also smell your CBD before use. CBD from hemp extract has a unique, earthy smell. It may have a natural mustiness, which isn’t a sign that something is wrong. If it begins to smell sour or develops notes of ammonia, it’s spoiled and may be moldy.

Spit out any CBD that tastes rancid, swish some water or mouthwash around your mouth and spit again. A rancid taste usually indicates that the ingredients have spoiled or that contaminants have been introduced to the container.

Can You Get Sick From Expired CBD Oil?

When CBD oil has expired, the cannabinoids in the CBD extract have likely degraded. The effects would be the same as putting a few drops of olive oil or hemp oil under your tongue. Nothing would happen. You may get sick from ingesting rancid or contaminated CBD oil. If your CBD oil seems off or if it’s past the expiration date, toss the remnants and replace it.

Choosing CBD That Will Last a Long Time

Reputable CBD companies carefully consider every aspect of preparing their CBD oil. They select the extraction process wisely. Each batch is lab-tested to ensure no contaminants are making their way into the bottle. They choose packaging optimally designed to keep their CBD protected from the elements.

If you want to know your CBD will stay as fresh as possible for as long as possible, you should consider the following before buying a bottle:

Check Quality

CBD companies aren’t required to lab test their CBD oil products for contaminants or the accuracy of their cannabinoid content. Companies that cut corners will skip this step. Independent investigators often send samples of these products off to labs and find startling results.

Some CBD products don’t even contain CBD. Others contain mold, bacteria, or heavy metals. Without lab results, you have no way of knowing if your CBD could be contaminated and spoiled before it ever reaches you. You also don’t know if it contains CBD.

When you choose a high-quality CBD oil product that’s been independently tested by a third-party lab and review the lab results online, you know you’re getting what the company claims you’re getting: pure CBD oil

If you buy high quality CBD oil that is clean and safe, it should last a long time.

Consider the Container

Containers that let light in will cause your CBD oil to degrade faster. When cannabinoids come into contact with light, they break down and lose potency. If you can see the oil in the container, light is reaching the CBD inside the bottle.

Opaque bottles are ideal. You’ll never need to worry about light exposure. If the bottle isn’t opaque, the glass should be dark and specifically designed to protect the CBD from the light.

Storing for Maximum CBD Oil Shelf Life

Using and storing CBD oil improperly can lead to premature spoilage. If you feel like your CBD goes bad long before the expiration date, user error may play a role.

Where Should I Store My CBD?

To ensure your CBD oil has a longer shelf life, you should store CBD oil away from extreme temperatures. Proper storage means keeping the bottle in a bathroom where people regularly take hot showers, setting it near your radiator, leaving it in a hot car, or putting it on a windowsill is a bad idea. The exact opposite is also true. You shouldn’t put it in the refrigerator or the freezer.

You should keep CBD oil at room temperature to maintain a longer shelf life. Your dresser, desk, or kitchen cabinet far away from the stove are proper storage places, as long as it isn’t too close to a window.

Can I Swap My CBD Container?

If you plan to travel with your CBD, taking a glass bottle with you might seem daunting. You may feel tempted to transfer it into a different container. Don’t do that. Storing CBD oil in other containers won’t offer the same light protection as your CBD’s original packaging.

When you pour your CBD from one container into another, you also risk introducing contaminants into the mix. There’s no way to swap a sterile environment.

Opt for a single-serving CBD Immunity shot if your CBD needs to be portable. They’re designed to be a convenient grab-and-go solution for occasions where you may not want to bring your glass bottle.

If You’re Using CBD Correctly, It Won’t Have Time to Expire

Expired CBD oil shouldn’t be an issue if you use CBD correctly. CBD’s benefits are cumulative, meaning you’ll need to use it daily for an extended period of time to experience its wellness benefits fully.

A bottle of CBD usually contains enough servings for about a month of daily use. If you’re using it the way it’s intended to be used, you’ll hit the bottom of the bottle long before the expiration date. Place the proper number of CBD drops under your tongue without touching the dropper to your mouth, or place the drops into a spoon first for better control.

Choose CBD produced by reputable companies that display their lab results and package their products in protective containers, and store CBD oil properly even though you’ll use it up quickly.

Shop CBD Oil with Peels: A Safe and Pure Way To Add CBD to Your Daily Ritual

Our lab-tested CBD comes in an opaque glass container and has a long shelf life. We don’t recommend that you allow CBD oil shelf life to lapse. When you use CBD for your wellness, you need to make it a part of your ritual.

Use your CBD every day, giving it time to produce meaningful and noticeable benefits to your overall wellness. Each bottle contains 29 servings and should therefore last 29 days.

Our unique CBD is made from orange peels. We use a special cyclic terpene assembly process to transform the aromatic compounds in orange peels into a bioidentical form of CBD. Your body won’t know the difference between our CBD from orange peels vs hemp CBD oil.

Everything we use to create our CBD is found in nature, and the resulting CBD product comes from nature. We’re proud of our 99.5% CBD purity rating. Our CBD doesn’t contain THC or remnants of THC because THC was never present in the first place. It’s just orange-derived CBD, medium-chain triglycerides from coconuts, and a natural orange flavor. If you're looking to try different types of CBD, you can also consider CBD gummies or CBD tinctures, to see what works best for you.

It’s simple, it’s safe, and it’s the new best part of your wellness ritual.


CBD is gaining traction in the wellness sector, and although CBD oil should last you quite a while, it can expire. When using CBD that you suspect might be expired, you should inspect its appearance, aroma, and taste.

CBD that seems to have changed colors, become cloudy, or has particles in it is likely expired, and this can also be the case if your CBD smells like ammonia or tastes spoiled.

Most bottles of CBD oil are made to last you for a month with daily use, so if you stick to your routine and use your CBD oil each day, you will probably use it up long before the expiration date rolls around.



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